Registering for an Independent Study

To register for an independent study, students should:

  1. print and fill in the request form,
  2. obtain the project director's signature on the form,
  3. submit the completed request form to the Office of the Registrar--no earlier than the first day of Round 1 registration and no later than the last day of Add/Drop II course registration.

Additional Information:

  • The same form, timeline, and procedures apply to honors projects.
  • Because separate course sections must be created as needed for each project director, this is only part of course registration that is handled outside of Polaris.
  • Project directors have the option to "sign-off" on your project via email, and there is an area of the form where they should indicate this choice.
  • Submit a different, completed form for each independent study you are undertaking.
  • Forms should be submitted each semester even if you are continuing to work with a project director for a second, consecutive semester.
  • If a student, in consultation with the department, decides to pursue an Honors Project, the course number will be 4050-4079. If the department ultimately decides that the project does not meet the standard for honors, the course number will be changed to 4000-4028 for the one or two semesters of the work.
  • If you are unsure of the course number, please consult the department/program directly.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks after submitting the completed form to the Office of the Registrar for the course to appear under the "My Courses" section of Polaris.