Course Selection Advice

To contact your academic advisor or student dean, reference the "Academic Contacts" section on your student page in Polaris.

Incoming students are matched with a pre-major academic advisor. All pre-major academic advisors are familiar with the curriculum and the division/distribution requirements, and are able to help students complete the requirements of the general program before declaring a major. In unusual situations, students are able to switch pre-major academic advisors. Students wishing to do so should consult with their current pre-major academic advisor or their student dean. When a student's pre-major or major academic advisor is away for a semester on sabbatical, the student should work with the dean's office or their major department to identify an interim advisor.

Bowdoin students retain their pre-major academic advisors until they declare a major in their fourth semester. After a student selects a major, the advising responsibility shifts to a faculty member in the major department or program. Major academic advisors are familiar with the requirements necessary to complete a major program in a given area. All students and advisors have access to Degree Progress to assist in the tracking of degree requirements.

All students are given an "Advisor Hold" at the beginning of Round 1 of course registration each semester. Although students may input their course requests beforehand, no requests will be processed until the academic advisor releases the hold. The release of the Advisor Hold signifies that the student and the academic advisor have discussed the course selections for the upcoming semester. It is the student's responsibility to reach out to their advisor to arrange a conversation around their course choices. It is strongly recommended that students contact their advisors well in advance of Round 1 registration.