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Alicia Gretchen Smith '04

Alicia Gretchen Smith '04

Hometown: Sterling, Massachusetts
Major: Double major in American Government and Visual Arts

Why did you come to Bowdoin?
I wanted a small liberal arts college, on the coast, and not too far from home. It needed to be academically challenging, yet a place where I could grow with my peers and fully partake in the college experience.

Why did you decide on your major?
I came to Bowdoin knowing I wanted to study political science and I have always loved the arts. Visual arts started out as a minor, but the professors and classes here were so inspiring the major came naturally.

What's the best class you've ever taken at Bowdoin, and why?
To pick just one would be to play favorites ... I would have to say it's been a toss up between the two majors. Sculpture 1 with John Bisbee made me take leaps and bounds in my mental processing of art. Learning to create art out of everyday objects, forming something out of nothing with my hands was mind blowing. On the other hand, I am taking two sister classes which have been equally as impressive on me: Intro to Political Behavior and Controversies in Political Behavior with the dynamic duo Professors Suzanne Globetti and Marc Hetherington. Dissecting voters' behaviors and dismantling common political myths have not only made me search deep for political patterns, but also examine closely how public opinion affects each political situation individually. I am drawn to the science of predicting political behavior with the underlying knowledge that the absolute end result lies ultimately in the actions of the people.

What extracurricular activities do you participate in? What do you like about them?
I rowed crew for my first two years at Bowdoin, which fulfilled my physically competitive spirit and enhanced the depth of my mental strength. I have also been involved with mentoring Brunswick Junior High students, Peer Counseling, Student Executive Board, and the golf team. I have worked on campus all four years in a variety of jobs including the Art History library, the Career Planning Center, and the Bowdoin College Museum of Art. As a member of the Young Alumni Leadership Program, I have gained insight into the internal operations and direction of the college. (And I tell you, kids, it's a bright future.)

What's your best Bowdoin memory?
Thanksgiving dinner in the dining hall with my extended Bowdoin family.

Have you studied away during your time at Bowdoin?
I studied away at the University of Melbourne, Australia. It was the complete opposite of Bowdoin: 35,000 students in the middle of a growing city. It was amazing experiencing the culture, the people, and a completely new way of life. In retrospect, it really made me appreciate what I have at Bowdoin. I missed the tightly knit network of students, professors, and alums, which I found lacking in the larger school. I wouldn't trade our rocky coasts and fulgent fall foliage for anything.

What are your plans for after graduation?
Well, I was determined to sell corporate health insurance for about a year straight. Now, my immediate plan is to move to Saint Barths, work, and enjoy life. Or possibly go to London for a few years. I've decided life is too short not to be doing something you love.

Is there anything else about Bowdoin or your experiences here that you would want prospective students to know?
Any college will give you an education, a social circle, and extracurricular activities. Inherent in the Bowdoin legacy comes an extraordinary Úlan vital. It is a place where students come because they want to be here. The people you meet have so many treasured facets; it will take you four years and more to find them all.

Story posted on July 13, 2004

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