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Adrienne Heflich '05

Adrienne Heflich '05

Hometown: Setauket, New York
Major: Environmental Studies and Visual Art

Why did you come to Bowdoin?
Of all the schools I visited, I felt the most comfortable on the Bowdoin campus. I visited in the summer and there was a calmness and a pleasant feeling.

Why did you decide on your major?
The Environmental Studies program at Bowdoin is really excellent because the program both tries to give you a broad understanding of how social, economic and cultural issues all relate [to Environmental Studies], but then also you have to have a coordinate major. You have to have a specific major that gets you more in depth into a certain field, so it's both breadth and depth.

I chose to be a Visual Art major because I am a firm believer in making things and seeing how your ideas translate into something more tangible and physical. And also, I believe that Maine has both active and accessible art and environmental communities.

What has been your favorite class at Bowdoin?
I took Intro to East Asian Art with Professor Clif Olds a while back, and although it was one of the larger lecture classes that I've had at Bowdoin, it was just amazing how, by the end of the semseter, I had such an understanding of something that at the beginning seemed so foreign. At the beginning, you think all sumi-e ink drawings look the same, and that all the names sound the same, but thankfully, you're proven wrong, because it's just so diverse but also sensitive and delicate, - "it" referring to East Asian art. And I really developed a love of zen gardens in that class, too.

Also, I've taken Sculpture I and Sculpture II with Professor John Bisbee and I'm a big fan, because the way those classes are run it's almost like learning a language. You start off sort of in unfamiliar territory and then you develop a dialogue with your materials. By the end of the class, your product is something that you've built by yourself but also in concert with your tools.

What extracurriculars are you involved in?
I've been on the Board of Masque and Gown, the student theater organization on campus, for three years now, and I enjoy it thoroughly. I've been Publicity Coordinator and Treasurer and also done costume designing for the group, and I just really, really believe in it because it's an excellent way to see your ideas made real.

I've had a radio show for a couple of years [on WBOR], and that's super fun. Currently, I'm playing sort of soul music combined with pre-New Wave, early eighties rock. It's a wonderful release every week.

What is your best Bowdoin memory?
My best Bowdoin memory is always whenever it's Honolulu Tofu Night [at the dining hall]. The conversations that arise over Honolulu Tofu are excellent, as well.

Have you studied away during your time at Bowdoin?
I studied abroad in the spring semester of my junior year in Copenhagen, Denmark. That was a very excellent experience for many reasons. One was that I was in a pre-architecture program, so I got to spend a lot of time with other students who were very much not from a liberal arts background. And I learned a lot about the professional world through that. It helped me develop a love of urban planning and sustainable architecture that I didn't get at Bowdoin; now that I'm back here, I can explore it further.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan on being happy. And perhaps I will pursue a master's degree in landscape architecture. I'd also like to work on a farm at some point.

Is there anything else about Bowdoin or your experiences here that you'd like prospective students to know?
I've spent two of my summers here in Brunswick, and there are some amazing opportunities for fellowships that I would really encourage people to explore. I think the Midcoast region has a lot to offer that you don't always fully appreciate during the school year, but it is always there. I would say, if you can, spend a summer here and chill out in a great place.

Story posted on October 12, 2004

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