President's Speeches and Remarks

August 28, 2006

Welcome to the convening dinner of the Class of 2010. As you can tell, we like to have parties and dinners at Bowdoin, every excuse for a celebration. But, tonight we have much to celebrate. We welcome you, the Class of 2010, to Bowdoin. You are a remarkably talented and accomplished group of students who have shown great promise and achievement.

  1. Light – get most out of college
  2. Get to know one professor or two
  3. Get involved in the life of the College
  4. Wednesday, 205th Convocation – pomp, circumstance

It is my pleasure this evening to introduce Governor Angus King, the former governor of the state of Maine. Governor King and his wife Mary are residents of Brunswick, living over on Potter Street, just a block from campus. Their kids Ben and Molly, are a big part of this community. They are also wonderful friends to Karen and me.

The governor grew up in Virginia. He tells me that he was the quarterback on the football team at his high school, the same school featured in the movie Remember the Titans—he played for one of the coaches featured in the movie. He then went to Dartmouth, his mistake. Then off to the University of Virginia for law school. After graduating he returned to Maine and did public interest and other law here in Maine, before going into the energy conversation business and later becoming a public television personality.

Governor King was elected as an independent in 1994. He was reelected in 1998 and finds himself retired at a very young age because of term limits. Governor King was a remarkable leader of this State and we accomplished much with his leadership.

The Governor appropriately focused on the education of Maine's children as one of his highest priorities—recognizing that our children are the future of this state's success. He put in place a program to put in the hands of all junior high school students a laptop to allow them equal access to education regardless of their economic means. Along with this laptop program, are programs for teachers in the schools to get them up to the level of their students in using and teaching technology. This program is recognized internationally as a model for future education. Governor King is the rare leader who has the vision to identify the critical path to success and prosperity, and the commitment to make it happen.

Angus is a shining example of what we call here at Bowdoin – "principled leadership."

Angus' future is now linked to Bowdoin. Angus is Distinguished Lecturer at Bowdoin this year and teaches a course on leadership here at the College. Every Sunday night in the spring semester Angus hosts his class to watch a movie on leadership. He spends some time with our students in the College Houses talking about government, politics and leadership. We are delighted that Angus is willing to walk down the street from his home and become an important of our Bowdoin community. There is much we can all learn from him and his wisdom.

So—it is my pleasure to introduce to you tonight – our Distinguished Lecturer and neighbor— Governor Angus King.