President's Speeches and Remarks

September 11, 2001

Thank you for being here this afternoon on this very tragic day.  Ours is a world that is not always just or fair.  Tragedy is all too familiar around the world.  We, in our recent past, in America have been fortunate for the most part to be spared much of that tragedy on our own land, except of course for the tragedy of the first World Trade Center bombing and Oklahoma City.  Terrorism in our own backyards has always haunted us⎯now it is very much a reality and will likely change our lives forever.

As I walked across campus today I thought of Ambassador Pickering’s talk on American diplomacy, so rational, thoughtful and balanced.  Then as I ventured back to my office to see the flag at half-staff and the Bowdoin war memorial I remembered that the world is not so rational or balanced.  We remember that we at Bowdoin above all stand for what is just and right.

Now is a time for us to stand together and talk⎯support each other.  This is not a time to be alone⎯mutual support is essential.

Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you.