December 10, 2010

To Bowdoin Faculty, Students, and Staff,

Later today, the College will announce publicly that the U.S. Department of Education has given its final approval to our request to acquire land—by public benefit conveyance at no cost to the College—at the Brunswick Naval Air Station. The approval is for a total of 259 acres, of which we estimate 146 acres is developable land. The parcels are located on the west side of the base closest to our main campus.

The attached news release provides details of the land acquisition and includes a map showing the approximate location of the three parcels that should be turned over to Bowdoin by next fall. It also lists our short-term projected uses for this land—uses that will require the authorization of the Board of Trustees. You will note that we make it clear in the news release that the College will only proceed with authorized projects if economic conditions allow us to do so.

This approval by the Dept. of Education marks a significant milestone in our multi-year effort working cooperatively with the Town of Brunswick to acquire this land for Bowdoin’s future when the base closes next year. It comes with my thanks to the many people who have assisted, both on campus and in the Town of Brunswick.

With best regards,

Barry Mills