April 1, 2009

To Members of the Bowdoin Community,

I am writing to urge you to participate in the Climate Days events and activities scheduled for next week, on April 9-10. As emphasized by the the posters and banners hung around campus, Bowdoin is committed to educating our community and promoting sustainability on campus. This is a community-wide effort that requires the thoughtfulness, creativity, and the active participation of students, faculty, and staff.

Next week’s events -- which include a climate fair in Smith Union, a locavore dinner in Thorne, a Common Hour presentation on green jobs and the green economy by Majora Carter, a new environmental mission statement for the College, and a contest aimed at reducing Bowdoin’s greenhouse gases -- are designed to commence this important discussion and to encourage greater participation in Bowdoin’s sustainability efforts. A full listing of the events, including times and locations, is available here: <http://www.bowdoin.edu/sustainability/campus-involvement/discussion/april-climate-days.shtml>. Managers are encouraged to allow as many employees as possible to participate.

It is clear that Bowdoin still has significant work to do in order to meet our sustainability commitments. But with your active interest and participation, I am confident that the College can make substantial progress toward our goals. I hope you will take this opportunity to join in these vital efforts.

Sincerely yours,

Barry Mills