March 3, 2006

To Members of the Bowdoin Community,

With enormous regret for the College, but with deep respect for his decision, I am writing to inform you that Craig Bradley will step down as dean of student affairs at the end of the current academic year to join the Aga Khan Development Network in a leadership role as it establishes a system of world-class academies in Africa and Asia. Craig will leave Bowdoin after nearly a decade of truly exceptional service to the College and to a whole generation of Bowdoin students.

Personally, I greatly admire Craig's desire to lend his considerable talents and energy to this worthy and important endeavor. The schools he will help to establish - known as Aga Khan Academies - will offer, on a need-blind basis, a broad, multidisciplinary education with an emphasis on the humanities to young men and women from pre-primary through higher secondary school. The first such school, the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa, Kenya, began operation in August 2003. In his new position, Craig will join a small team, based in Paris, France, that will plan and implement future Aga Khan Academies in such locations as Madagascar, Tanzania, Uganda, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and several others. This is important work in areas of the world where many do not have access to quality education and the opportunities it provides. Additional information about this exciting initiative is available on the Web at: .

While Craig's departure will certainly be a profound loss for Bowdoin, this new position is clearly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Craig and his family. In identifying Craig's successor, our goal will be to name a dean who will continue the highly successful student life programs developed and overseen by Craig and his very able staff.

Craig became dean of student life at Bowdoin on July 1, 1996. Under his leadership, the College successfully conceived and implemented fundamental changes recommended by the Commission on Residential Life, improved and expanded our residence and dining facilities, and reinvigorated social and extra-curricular opportunities for students. With the help of his very talented and dedicated staff - and with the active participation of students motivated by his ideas, energy, and vision - Craig has worked to build and enhance all aspects of the student experience at Bowdoin. From athletics to student government to career planning to health services to spiritual life and many, many other areas, Craig has been our principled leader, getting the most out of everyone who has worked with him, gaining the respect and friendship of trustees, faculty, staff, and hundreds of students along the way. An exceptional partner to me, our faculty, and our admissions staff in building a more divers e student body and a pluralistic college community, Craig and his staff have also done the essential work of helping our students succeed and thrive here. His ability to relate to and communicate with students, his respect for our high academic standards, and his expectation that Bowdoin students will aspire to leadership roles on campus and after graduation are all marks of his career here. Craig has my deepest respect and admiration, and he will leave our community with many, many friends at Bowdoin and in Brunswick.

Each of us will have an opportunity between now and July to thank Craig for his friendship and dedication, and to say goodbye in person. We will circulate information about a farewell gathering as the time approaches. In the meantime, I know each of you joins me in wishing Craig, Elizabeth, Anna, and Laura all the very best.

Sincerely yours,

Barry Mills