July 25, 2001

Dear Alumni of Bowdoin College,

It's been a couple of weeks now since Karen and I have begun our new lives in Maine and at Bowdoin. With most of the boxes now unpacked, our sons in camp, and my computer plugged in, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how excited we are to be here and how much I look forward to our work together as we build on the exceptional strengths and traditions of the College. These last months have been a tremendous learning experience for me as I have listened to students and staff, begun to meet individually with members of the faculty, and been introduced to friends of Bowdoin in Maine and around the country. I have also gained much from my conversations with alumni who have been generous with their support, creative with their ideas, and unwavering in their devotion to the College. As I continue to listen and learn in the weeks and months ahead, I hope you will remain active in the life of the College and will share your thoughts and advice with my colleagues and me. I may not be able to respond directly to every suggestion, but I welcome your point of view and will make sure that we consider your ideas.

As we approach the start of our 200th academic year, Bowdoin is as vital as ever, but our work to advance academic excellence and scholarship is never done. While we are blessed with the talents and dedication of many, we must be prepared to adapt to change, and, with your help, can always get better at what we do. I am grateful for your trust, enthusiastic about the future, and proud to be with you as we build an even stronger Bowdoin College.

With warm wishes,

Barry Mills