Location: Bowdoin / Polaris / Team / Process Teams


Process Teams

Common Components

Lead: Core Team

Banner general system, creating and maintaining biographical data, discussion of shared data, universal data requirements, standards for establishing roles and permissions, curriculum roles.


Lead: Peter Wiley

Suspect, Prospect (& contact management), Applicant, Organization and volunteer records; Applicant tracking; Travel management; Event management (integrating with Fire Engine Red); BRM; Online Reading with Document Image Management; Imports (including re-implementing NOLIJ Transfer); Communication flow, portal for prospect and applicant use, online payment for accepted students. Transition to “student” process will be accepted, paid student = matriculated student. Pay special attention to what data is and is not available to the student side.


Lead: Bill Kunitz


Integrations from and to Banner, including but not limited to RE, FE, PowerFaids, Housing, Scheduler, CSGold (Dining & OneCard), HR, Library, Bookstore, Bridges, Fire Engine Red and NOLIJ and Blackboard.


Lead: Jan Brackett


Student biographic records (conversion of data according to standards set in Common Components); academic record and transcript (including historical record of transcripts not moved to Banner); test scores (SATs, AP, placement tests & recommendations, etc.); registration (including add/drop); grades; advising; student status maintenance (student status, academic standing status and disciplinary standing status); Study Away; transcript and enrollment verification requests; major/minor declarations; student activities on and off campus; orientation website (including residential life); electronic notes; athletics team membership

Course and Offering Management

Lead: Jan Brackett

Course offering management; curriculum management, course scheduling; room scheduling; scheduling of final exams; textbook listings for course schedule. 

Degree Progress and Transfer Articulation

Lead: Julie Bedard

General Education Requirements set up and management; Major/minor requirements set up and management; role & responsibility clarification for scribing and exceptions, transfer credit articulation; exception processing; degree planning; view by advisors and students, graduation requirements


Leads: Margaret Allen, Peter Wiley, Becky Brodigan

Streamline transactional, operational and strategic reporting; establish guidelines for use of different reporting tools, such as self-service, query, reports and Cognos, and aid the configuration of those tools; define organizational roles and responsibilities; set up ODS and EDW (migration, conversion, mapping and ETL); consider and implement additional fields required, such as supplemental data fields and other data from across the campus (RE7, Ceridian, PowerFaids, etc.), including future expansion within the ODS and EDW; design data structures and modeling to eliminate duplication of reporting efforts among offices (e.g., identity management, shared data needs for reporting, data integration, etc.); develop transformations, recoding and additional fields to enhance reporting (e.g., further definition of majors/minors for reporting, added course detail for reporting and curriculum planning, integration of faculty data, etc.); work with related offices across campus to encourage and enable integration and standardization where possible (i.e., no “data silos” or “shadow systems”); ensure that data standards apply to matching algorithms (NOLIJ or otherwise); promote data standards across campus (i.e., lead the standards committee and maintain standards documentation and system metadata); consider potential long-term implications for future migration of data from other data systems across campus into Banner; fully document reporting processes

Luminus Platform (Student, Faculty, Advisor, Staff)

Lead: Bill Kunitz

Holistic view of how Luminus will be implemented at Bowdoin. Set guidelines for when
“deep dives” versus new pages versus use of Self-Service, BRM, will be implemented. Define Standards, review organizational requirements for support and ongoing training. How do the current portals “play” with Luminus? 

Faculty Assignment

Lead: Ann Ostwald

Identification of faculty and advisors, course workload, advisor assignments, as well as how course assignments should be made, and what faculty should be responsible for during their day to day course management. In addition, this process also establishes workload and contract rules, information and analysis. A number of alternatives are available for determining and evaluating faculty workload. Personnel information, such as contract type, tenure status and sabbatical dates, is also maintained in this module


Lead: Adam Lord

Technical deployment of Banner from database engine, through application and web tiers; ensure security standards are met; application modification framework; articulation andimplementation of support structure; provision test, staging, and productionenvironments; back up and recovery strategy and implementation