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  • BRM (Banner Relationship Management) - Provides admissions counselors access to prospect information, as well as the capability for Bowdoin to strengthen and enrich connections to our prospects through campaign management tools
  • Degree Works - Delivers a comprehensive set of web-based academic advising, degree audit and transfer articulation tools to help students and their advisors track general education and major/minor progress against curriculum requirements
  • Luminis - A portal and web services environment designed to present your class schedule, grades, and biographical information, along with links to degree progess (for students and advisors), Blackboard and other frequently used academic systems in one location
  • ODS/EDW (Operational Data Store/Enterprise Data Warehouse) - Stores snapshots of data for reporting and analyzing so as not to interfere with the transactional data, and enables complex analysis for identifying trends and forecasting with multiple dimensions
  • Polaris - The name of the new student information system, which was first submitted by Anne Clifford and received the most votes among five potential names. Polaris is the name of the North Star, which is often referred to as the Guiding Star.
  • Work Flow - An open, flexible online tool that automates, simplifies, and directs the flow of information across Bowdoin departments. Events, such as declaring a major or the add/drop of a course, trigger appropriate actions, approvals and communication flows