Degree Progress

Logging into Degree Progress

Login to Polaris with your username and password. In the the "My Academic Profile" portlet click on the "Degree Progress" link on the bottom.

student login

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Student View Worksheet

In the Degree Progress student view worksheet you will find summary information including Class Year (e.g. 2015), Class Standing (e.g. Junior, First Semester), Major and Minor information, Anticipated Commencement and GPA.


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Degree Block

Scrolling down to the first block entitled "Degree in Bachelor of Arts", an overview of Bowdoin's degree requirements is displayed. Note: Degree Progress currently does not include any requirements for majors or minors.


The legend below shows the symbols used in Degree Progress. A green box and check mark indicates the requirement has been met. A blue box with a single tilde indicates the requirement is pending and will be met if the student successfully completes a course in which s/he is enrolled. An empty box indicates the requirement is not complete.


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Requirement Blocks

Each of the requirements has its own block:

  • First-Year Seminar Requirement Block
  • Distribution Requirements Block 1 (MCSR, INS, ESD, IP)
  • Distribution Requirements Block 2 (VPA)
  • Division Requirements Block (a, b, c)
  • Major 1 Block (required)
    • Major Concentration Block (only where applicable)
  • Major 2 Block (optional)
    • Major 2 Concentration Block (only where applicable)
  • Minor Block (optional)

In the example below, the student has completed all of their First-Year Seminar, Distribution, and Division requirements, and can clearly the outstanding requirements left to complete their Physics major:

Student View_FYSM_Div&DistMajor Block Example

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Additional Courses Block

The "Additional Courses" block lists all of the courses that are being used to meet the general requirements of the degree, but not the specific distribution, division, or major(s)/minor requirements.

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In Progress Courses Block

Scrolling further down the page, the courses in which the student is enrolled this semester are listed in the "In Progress" block. These courses may also appear in the blocks for specific requirements that they will fulfill after the student successfully completes the course.

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Insufficient Courses Block

Courses worth zero credits (some transfer courses, repeated courses and all failed courses) will appear in this block. These courses do not meet degree requirements.

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View Unofficial Academic History by Term

To view a student's full academic history sorted by semester click on the "Unofficial Academic History by Term" link shown below. Courses will display chronologically by semester. Any cross-listed courses will be sorted by the originating department with all cross-listings displayed underneath. The grade for any course that is in progress will display "REG" until the end of the semester.


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View Unofficial Academic History by Subject

To view a student's full academic history sorted by subject click on the "Unofficial Academic History by Subject" link shown below. Courses will display alphabetically by subject (department). Any cross-listed courses will be sorted by the orginating department with all cross-listings displayed underneath. The grade for any course that is in progress will display "REG" until the end of the semester. The Registrar's site has information about grade symbols.

degree progress by subject

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Print an Unofficial Academic History

Bowdoin does not provide unofficial transcripts. You may print an unofficial academic history by clicking on the “Unofficial Academic History by Term” (see above) and use the web browser's file menu or toolbar. If you need an official transcript, you may request one from the Registrar's Office.

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GPA Calculator

Degree Progress provides a GPA Calculator tool to help you estimate future GPA potential. Click on "GPA Calc" under your name to go to the tool. Please note that not all credits are counted in your GPA. For example, credits earned in Credit/D/Fail courses and credits earned in the first semester of a two-semester course (before the second semester grade has been posted) will not count in your GPA.

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What If Function

On the left hand navigation bar, there is a "what if" function. This allows students and advisors to see how far along a student would be in meeting requirements if they changed or added a major or minor. From a student's record, click "what if", choose the appropriate major (and concentration if appropriate) or minor, and then click "Process What-If". Please see image below. This will show progress towards that major or minor. Remember, this is an advising tool; students should speak to the appropriate department or program.


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Advisors: Locating a Student's Academic Record

For advisors, Degree Progress displays the list of students who are majors or minors within a faculty member's academic program. In the name field, use the drop down menu to select a student. Please remember, if you are viewing a student's record in Polaris and click on the "Degree Progress" link, you will NOT be automatically directed to that student's same Degree Progress page. You will need to select the student's name from the drop down menu each time.

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Normally students progress through the degree program on the outlined track, but periodically a student will fulfill one or more requirements for a major or minor with a course outside the stated track. Many of these exceptions come from study away. In order to process an exception, the Department Chair or Program Director will submit an electronic Degree Requirement Exception Authorization Form to The Office of the Registrar. The exception will appear in Degree Works within 2-3 weeks.

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