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Comment Cards

Comment Cards can now be sent via Polaris. Below you will find general information about Comment Cards and how to send one.

What is a Comment Card?
Comment Cards are sent by course instructors to provide feedback on a student's progress or standing in a course - such as to note concern (e.g., poor grades, poor attendance, problems with deadlines, lack of participation) or to highlight achievement or improvement.

Who receives Comment Cards?
Comment Cards are directed to the students, and copies are sent to all instructors for that course, as well as the student's advisor(s), Dean, and coach (if applicable).

Why should instructors send Comment Cards?
Experience tells us that students perform poorly in a given course for any number of reasons. It is often the case, however, that a student who is struggling in one course is struggling in other courses. Sharing information enables advisors and Deans to intervene, determine what is going on, and direct students to the appropriate resources on campus. Unfortunately, advisors and Deans sometimes do not learn that a student has been struggling until the end of the semester when the student comes up for academic action (probation or suspension). We fully recognize that each student has primary responsibility for seeking help, but sending a Comment Card allows advisors and Deans an opportunity (hopefully early in the semester) to intervene to help a student get on track.

How to Send a Comment Card

To send a Comment Card to a student in your class:

  • Log into Polaris
  • Go to the “My Class Lists” portlet
  • Click on the yellow notecard icon icon next to the student’s name to whom you wish to send a Comment Card
  • An email will appear using your default email client. It will be automatically be addressed “To” the student and will be “From” you, with “Comment Card for Student’s Name” as the subject. 
  • In order to send copies of this email to the appropriate individuals, the email’s Cc and Bcc lines will also be auto-filled. Copies will be sent to all instructors for the course, the student’s advisor(s), Dean, and coach (if applicable, via Debra Miller in Athletics) as well as to Susan Snell in the Dean for Student Affairs’ Office and a secure CommentCard inbox
  • Please do not change to whom the card is addressed. 
  • In the body of the box, please type the comment you wish to send to the student. Please try to be constructive yet direct; let the student know what s/he should do upon receiving this card. 
  • At the end of the email we have included general information about Comment Cards to provide students with some context about Comment Cards. Please do not delete this text.

Below is an example of an email an instructor would see after clicking on the Comment Card icon.


  • If you are using Apple Mail, the Comment Card email will display extra semicolons ";" in the CC lines. Please delete these before sending your Comment Card.
  • The comment card function will only work if your computer's mail client is set up to be Thunderbird, Outlook or Apple mail.

If you have any questions, please contact the Polaris Help Line at x1414 or email polaris@bowdoin.edu.