Location: Bowdoin / Polaris / Project Milestones


Project Milestones

Spring-Summer 2011

  • Evaluate Student and Admissions solutions available
  • SunGard Higher Education product suite selected
  • Fit-Gap Analysis complete to better understand costs and timeline
  • Trustees approve budget
  • Contracts signed with SunGard Higher Education and Oracle
  • Kicked-off project with Core Team

Fall 2011

  • Technology Architecture Design complete and approved
  • Hardware purchased and received 
  • Infrastructure software installed (Oracle 11G, F5, and misc. tools)
  • Core SunGard Higher Education Banner and BRM software installed 
  • Admissions Design completed including process review and validation tables
  • First pass of Admissions data conversion complete
  • Document and Image Management Product selected

Winter-Spring 2012

  • Student High-Level Design including process review and validation tables
  • Admissions data from “legacy” systems converted and tested three times
  • Test of Admissions core system including Banner, BRM, Luminis, Cognos, and ODS
  • Install other Ellucian Products: DegreeWorks, Luminis, ODS and Cognos

Summer 2012

  • Core Admissions system implemented for use by Admissions Office (June)
  • Discuss process and data requirements with departments across campus such as academic departments, the Bookstore, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Student Billing, Development, Athletics, Residential Life, Student Activities, Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, and Office of the Dean for Academic Affairs

Fall 2012-Winter 2013

  • Test of core Student systems including Banner, LuminisDegreeWorksCognos, and ODS
  • Student data from “legacy” systems converted and tested two times
  • Document and Image Management for Admissions
  • Online Application Reading in Admissions
  • Portal available for Applicants to track receipt of their application materials online

Spring 2013

  • Student biographical and academic information available in training environment
  • Develop key reports for go-live
  • Meet with staff users to determine Polaris access level required

Summer 2013

  • Class Finder Tool developed
  • Degree Works installed in test, stage and production environment with single-sign-on
  • Polaris implemented for students, faculty and staff including conversion of all data
  • Process for online course registration developed
  • Train faculty and staff
  • Bearings "turned off"

Fall 2013

  • Train students
  • First-year students register for Fall 2013
  • Students register for Spring 2014 classes online
  • Selection of Residential Life package
  • Faculty enter grades online
  • Faculty information converted from legacy system and maintained in Polaris
  • Develop “Evergreen” process to plan, prioritize, and implement new functionality in Polaris and its suite of tools

Spring 2014

  • Students Add/Drop classes online
  • Finish installation of Ellucian products: Workflow and EDW
  • Develop first set of workflows
  • Begin rollout of major/minor degree progress
  • Implement Document & Image Management for Registrar’s Office
  • Scheduling package selected