Location: Bowdoin / Polaris


In 2013 Bowdoin implemented Polaris, a new student information system (SIS) that replaced Bearings and Recruitment Plus (software used by Admissions). Polaris is comprised of Ellucian's portfolio of products, including Banner which is used by several of our peer institutions.

Polaris enables us to engage in new practices that facilitate more effective advising, support academic student planning, and aid faculty and staff in more effective curriculum planning. The processes around admission, course registration, course offerings, and grade submission, among others, have new automated and online components, increasing efficiency as well as efficacy.

If you have any questions about Polaris or its implementation at Bowdoin, contact the project manager, Abbie Brown.

Polaris logo

Polaris, Bowdoin's new student information system, was available to all students and faculty beginning in August 2013.