Faculty and Staff

Mark O. Battle
Associate Professor of Physics

Thomas Baumgarte
William R. Kenan Professor of Physics

Juan Burciaga
Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics
Elizabeth F. McCormack
Professor of Physics, Dean for Academic Affairs

Madeleine E. Msall (on leave for 2017-18 academic year)
Professor of Physics

Stephen G. Naculich 
LaCasce Family Professor of Natural Sciences

Dale A. Syphers
Professor of Physics
Chair of Physics Department

Karen A. Topp
Senior Lecturer in Physics

Laboratory Instructors

Kenneth A. Dennison
Laboratory Instructor in Physics
Paul Howell
Laboratory Instructor, Physics and Astronomy
Gary L. Miers
Laboratory Instructor in Physics

Support Staff

Emily C. Briley, Department Coordinator

Ben King, Machinist

Robert L. Stevens, Mechanician


Guy T. Emery

James H. Turner