Aziscohos Valley


Camping beside the Magalloway River, canoeing, hiking, paddling inflatable kayaks, campfires and s’mores sound like fun?  All these activities and more will be part of the schedule for this trip.  Located in the northwest corner of Maine, the Aziscohos Valley is known for its fly-fishing, moose, and cool evenings.  A perfect place to spend a few fun and relaxing days camping with other groups, actively exploring during the day and socializing around the campfire in the evening.  After a successful premier a couple years ago this trip has already become a Pre-O classic!

Equipment List

Aziscohos Rapid River

Aziscohos Equipment List (pdf)

If there is anything that is in the equipment list that you have questions about, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Liu, Pre-Orientation Coordinator at (207)798-4268 or Also, Capilene tops and bottoms, and socks will be sold here at the Outing Club on the day of arrival if you are unable to get them beforehand.


Departs Tuesday, August 23, 2011