Winter Hike The Bowdoin Outing Club loves the snow! After the first snowfall, we start planning winter trips. On a typical weekend, students can choose from snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, winter camping, or winter mountaineering.

Our snowshoe and ski trips explore coastal mountains in Camden and trails along mountains in western Maine. No prior experience is necessary and the Outing Club will provide the snowshoes and skis. For those who prefer skiing over snowshoeing, the Outing Club recently acquired a set of backcountry touring skis, which provide an excellent way to climb mountains or cruise along maintained tracks.

For the adventurous student who not only wants to snowshoe all day, but also sleep out in the winter, the Outing Club offers beginner winter camping trips. On these trips, students set out for the weekend and learn skills important for staying warm during the day, sleeping warm at night, setting up camp in the winter, cooking outside and the types of food good to keep up the energy.

Once students are comfortable with camping out in the winter, they can take their skills one step further by signing up for our winter mountaineering course. In this two weekend course, students set out for each weekend and get an introduction to crampon use, climbing and self-arresting with an ice axe, setting up and using belay systems, and advance camp skills such as snow shelters and sleeping out in the winter.

If you are interested in pursuing winter activities with the Outing Club, please read our winter equipment list so that you can go on the trips prepared for all the elements.

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