Whitewater Canoe

Whitewater CanoeingIn the early days of the BOC, Jim Lentz (BOC Director emeritus) took the first whitewater trips with students in his wood and canvas canoes. Since then, the BOC fleet of whitewater canoes has expanded to include tripping boats that are taken on overnight and multi-day whitewater trips, as well as whitewater boats designed for more aggressive manuevering and surfing in larger and more technically difficult whitewater. The BOC offers beginning and intermediate classes in whitewater canoeing, with both tandem and solo boats. Beginners start off with flatwater instruction in tandem canoes, then progress to moving water to practice manuevers, and finally run some class II rapids! Intermediates work on honing the skills they have been using on the river, try more advanced techniques and manuevers on whitewater, and also have an opportunity to learn solo whitewater canoeing techniques. The advanced/expert BOC canoeists have opportunities to paddle class IV runs like the Dead River. Whether a beginner or advanced paddler, meeting the challenges inherent in the sport of whitewater canoeing is a fun way to spend an afternoon or weekend on the water!

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