Whitewater Rafting

WhitewaterThe BOC whitewater paddling program takes advantage of the excellent paddling opportunities available in Maine and the rest of the Northeast. From the spring run-off Class I-III whitewater of coastal rivers, to the dam-controlled Class IV runs of the Dead River and Kennebec Gorge, students are able to develop their paddling skills with the guidance of staff and student instructors. Whether successfully negotiating the Class II rapids in a tandem canoe, running a Class IV drop for the first time in a kayak, or enjoying a fun day with a raft full of new friends, students gain a strong sense of accomplishment from spending time "messing about in boats". Many students arrive at Bowdoin with no prior experience, and leave after four years with expert skills in one or more types of watercraft. For others, the opportunity to get off campus occasionally and float down one of Maine's beautiful rivers is the perfect way to unwind from the demands of the rigorous academic life at Bowdoin. If you are interested in exploring whitewater rivers, then the BOC whitewater program can get you started, and give you an opportunity to pursue these activities throughout your Bowdoin career.

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