Climbing Wall


The BOC received a wonderful gift with the opening of the Peter Buck Center for Health and Fitness: our very own climbing wall! Measuring in at just over 40 vertical feet with three different top-rope pitches and a bouldering arch, the wall has something for everyone - beginner or advanced!

The climbing wall is run almost entirely by students, with a climbing wall manager and 18 climbing wall monitors working with the BOC Staff to maximize our use of the wall. Climbing wall staff also work on a volunteer basis to document and set new routes and clean holds. Climbing wall monitors certify climbers to use the wall and provide "Intro to Climbing at Bowdoin" workshops for individuals and groups alike. We've had proctor groups, sports teams, faculty/staff and their families, the women of Student Affairs and various campus offices (such as the CPC) take advantage of these wonderful opportunities!

The SAFC has shown the BOC considerable support for equipping and staffing the climbing wall. Members of the Bowdoin community have free access to climbing shoes and harnesses in a wide range of sizes.

Monitored Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 4 - 10 pm
Friday - Sunday: 3 - 6 pm

Bouldering Hours:
Certified climbers may boulder on the wall anytime the fitness center is open.

Meet the climbing wall staff!



Q: I have never climbed before, can I use the wall?

A: Yes! Come to the climbing wall during monitored hours (Mon - Thurs: 4 - 10pm, Fri - Sun: 3 - 6pm) and our climbing wall monitors will outfit you with the appropriate gear and belay you up the wall!

Q: I work at Bowdoin, can my children climb?

A: Yes! Bring your children during monitored hours and a climbing wall monitor will help outfit your child with appropriate gear and get climbing! Normally, children of at least 40 lbs can fit into our full-body harnesses. We ask that you stay in the fitness center while your child is climbing.

Q: Can I bring friends from home?

A: Only people with a Bowdoin ID or an Athletic Facilities Pass can climb at the wall.

Q: Can I bring my own gear?

A: Yes! However, personal gear must be checked and approved by the monitors on duty each time you come to climb. No hard feelings, we just want you to stay safe!

Q: Can I climb during the day?

A: Yes! If you have passed the Safety & Skills Test you may boulder anytime the fitness center is open. Please be sure to sign in at the front desk, wear your climbing tag and climb only below twelve feet!