Maine BikingBike Group

One of the best ways to explore Maine's beauty is by bicycle! There is a plethora of peaceful country roads to explore, letting students go inland to find more challenging hills or sticking to the coast for a flatter day of cruising to the beach. There are also a plethora of mountain biking trails nearby for students to explore.  The Outing Club does not own or rent bikes to students, but the Yellow Bike Club does!

Bike Maintenance

Students also have the opportunity to delve deeper into the cycling world by signing up for the Bike Mechanic Course offered once a year. At the start of the course, the bicycles are all completely dismantled down to the smallest part. Over the 25 hours of the course, students work in pairs to clean, repair and rebuild the pieces into fully functioning bicycles! They leave the course with a complete working knowledge of the bicycle and it's various components and have the ability to competently diagnose any issues a bike may be having. Upon completion of this course, student bike mechanics have access to the BOC bike tools and offer repair sessions on campus periodically for the campus community.

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