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Dead River Women's Rafting Trip

Story posted October 27, 2011

In celebration of 40 years of Women at Bowdoin the Outing Club and Women's Resource Center has combined forces to host a series of Women's trips.  On October 1st we took a exuberant group of students & staff up to The Forks, Maine to raft the Dead River on a high water release.  Here is the account by one of our raft guides, Zara Bowden (Class of 2013):

"Saturday morning – 6:00am:
It was a cold, dark, and rainy start to the morning as we headed up to the Forks for our Wild Whitewater Women rafting adventure on the Dead River. Although the weather was down, spirits were high as the musings of Taylor Swift seeped through car windows.  Once we arrived at our put-in, we were greeted by the most unexpected of visitors – Marge Woodruff, Whitney Wuthmann, and Carlita Adams!! Dressed to impress, these three lovely, vivacious women led the charge to begin our epic stretch of whitewater madness. This was an especially exciting day for our female raft guides in training (Zara Bowden, Illana Mayer, Imelda Ko, Tamara Perreault and Edie Leghorn) because they were finally able to guide real BOC members instead of risking the lives of their fellow raft guiding friends (ekkk!). The Dead was churning hard that day and we were all in for a very exciting ride! Fortunately, all of the women managed to get down unharmed and undunked. Unfortunately however, our male companions who were championing a raft of their own coordinated an epic fall out as they were all thrown into the raging whitewater in one foul swoop! To their credit, their rescue efforts were quite impressive and they all managed to flop back into their raft without much hassle. In all of the commotion, however, one of the lunch barrels (a little sick from all the frothing?) managed to upchuck its contents into the wild water! Luckily for us, Marge Woodruff managed to rescue the 10lb block of extra sharp Cabot cheese. What a day."

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