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The Jerks of Grass & Parents Weekend Trips

Story posted October 20, 2010

Friday October 22nd 7:30-10:30pm the BOC presents the Jerks of Grass at the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center!  The Jerks of Grass are a local bluegrass band from Portland, Maine brought back to the BOC by popular demand from last year’s concert.  Bring your parents, family and friends over the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center for a foot-stomping, hand-clapping, all-around good time!  Special performances will include our very own Finnegan Woodruff (11-year old son of Director Michael Woodruff) on the fiddle.

Additional Parents’ Weekend Events include two day trips:

Saturday (8:30am-2pm): Canoe the Cathance River with your parents
Saturday (8:30am-2pm): Hike Morse Mountain with your parents

Both trips are local and relatively low key.  For more information or to sign up, stop by the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center or call (207) 725-3125 before Friday October 22nd.