Outing Club
at the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center

Raft Guide Training Advanced Leaders Seminar

Story posted September 22, 2010

Raft guide training is one of the Outing Club’s three Advanced Leaders Seminars (ALS) headed into the field this fall (other ALS include Climbing and Sea Kayaking).  Four students, Sarah Johnson ’13, Phil Cuddeback ’13, Russ Halliday ’11 and Sam Howe ’11, are honing their whitewater skills over the course of eight different river trips to the Kennebec and Dead Rivers in Maine.  The raft-guides-in-training are practicing how to read water, maneuver 16 foot rafts, manage whitewater rescue situations and much more in preparation to lead BOC members on rafting trips. 

This weekend the guides in training headed to the Dead River on Saturday for a 3500 cfs release and to the Kennebec on Sunday for 5,000 cfs.  The Saturday trip was accompanied by four whitewater kayakers, a tandem whitewater canoe pair and group of four students paddling in rafts with the guides-in-training.  On Sunday nine students joined our new guides down the Kennebec gorge.

To see photos from this and past weekends check out rapidshootersmaine.com or the slideshow below.

Next weekend the raft-guides-in-training will step it up a notch with a big water run down the Kennebec River at 8,000cfs!  Hope to see you on the river!