Outing Club
at the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center

Emma Nathaniel
Class of 2012

Posted October 26, 2010

Hometown: Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

Major/Minor: Anthropology Major

Leadership Training: Spring ‘09

What’s your favorite type of trip to lead and why?

I like to lead trips with lots of people because I think it is fun to have a big group. I enjoy canoeing.

What is your favorite BOC memory?

In spring LT, Lucia Cowles and I were paddling down a river… I can’t remember which one – but it was white water and we flipped. As we were swimming to the shore with our boat, two big burly men with Mohawks came running down to us and pulled our boat out of the water, emptied it, and set up back up in the water, while we pulled ourselves together. Later, less than a mile down the river, we got to a big rapid and the same two guys helped our whole group scout it out.

If you were stranded on an island in Maine, what island would it be and what BOC snack would you have?

Hurricane Island on Flagstaff Lake. I would have chocolate covered pretzels, nutella and a wrap (that is one snack).

What other activities do you enjoy on campus?

I have lived in Mac House for the past two years and I have been involved in BSG since freshman year, which I really enjoy.

What do you make sure to bring on every outing club trip?

A first aid kit and a spirit of adventure.   

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