Outing Club
at the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center

Chris Omachi
Class of '12

Posted February 17, 2010

Hometown: Wilmette, Illinois
Major: Art History
Leadership Training: Fall 2008
Favorite BOC Meal: Ramen Bombs! Light on the cheese, please.

What is one of your best memories from LT?
Leadership Training with the BOC was one of the best experiences in my college career thus far. It was an amazing way to be introduced to Maine as well as the college. As an eager and excited freshman, I took advantage of the Outing Club from the outset, participating in LT as soon as possible after a great pre-o. One of my best memories of LT came during our five day expedition over fall break. It was midway through the trip one morning when nature called, and I answered. As I stood on an uninhabited island, basking in the warmth of the Maine morning sun, I realized that there was nowhere in the world, at that moment, I would rather be. I cherish alone time on trips as it allows me a refuge from an otherwise hectic life.

What kind of trips do you like to lead, and why?
I like to lead relaxed day hikes and kayaking overnights. During LT, as leader of the day, I enjoyed planning our routes but also seeing where the day took us rather than stressing over specifics.

What is the best trip you've been on, as a participant or a leader?
The best trip I have been on was my pre-o this year that I led. After completing LT last fall, I was excited at the prospect of leading a group of first years into the Maine wilderness for a few days. I had a great group of kids and was fortunate to get the Aziscohos trip, which was a 3 group trip. We had a sweet base camp and raged on the whitewater for three days.

If you had to have a dance-off with one of the BOC directors or officers, who would it be and why?
I would have a dance off with Paul because I would own him.

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