Outing Club
at the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center

New Whitewater Play Boats at the BOC!

Story posted November 30, 2010

Friday November 19th was a very exciting day at the BOC.  Amongst the craziness of a morning trip to the Cathance River, a Common Hour Talk by "Mr. Everest" and the BOC's first ever DDR competition in the afternoon, a large truck pulled up at the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center containing large, brightly-colored, oblong packages - new kayaks!

These types of kayaks are known as playboats in the whitewater world and are the first of their genera to join the fleet of BOC whitewater boats.  Playboats are shorter and have flatter hulls which enable the boater to more easily spin, maneuver, cartwheel and even do tricks while paddling a river or surfing a wave. 

Amid the new boats are two kayaks in particular that stick out, literally - THE Dynamic Duos (aka two-person whitewater kayaks)!  These boats will bring a new level of intensity to our whitewater program as running rivers and rolling a kayak becomes not only a personal skill but a coordinated team effort.

Hope to see you soon, throwin' down on the wave in Wiscasset and beyond!

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