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Kayakin' the Catty!

Story posted December 10, 2010

On the beautiful, sunny morning of Friday November 18th, 2010, myself and four BOC kayak instructors got a chance to hit up a local whitewater favorite, the Cathance River!  The Cathance is a small river, located just 10 minutes from campus in Topsham and requires a fair amount of rain or spring run-off to make it run-able. 

Luckily the water levels were just right (~2.5ft) so we put on all our layers, dusted the morning frost off our boats and carried them through the Cathance River Nature Preserve to the rapids.  We paddled our way down the river getting advice from those who had run it before, scouting the class III-IV drops, setting safety and taking photos.  Each drop seemed more exciting than the next till we came to the climax of the river - Magic Carpet Ride - a long class IV slide that whips around a bend in the river and shoots you into a couple holes and finally a calm pool at the bottom.  What a thrill! 

It all happened so fast; before we knew it we had finished the run and were headed back to campus.  Somehow we even got back in time for the noon Common Hour talk.  While most Bowdoin students were in class or sleeping-in Friday morning, the lucky few got to shred the Catty!  I couldn’t have asked for a better morning than that.

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