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Common Hour with Peter Athans

Story posted December 10, 2010

Peter Athans, a Himalayan Mountaineer, came to Bowdoin on November 19th, 2010 to speak at Common Hour.  Pete has summited many impressive peaks, including Everest seven times (earning him the nickname “Mr. Everest”).  While Peter is probably most famous for these mountaineering achievements he focused his presentation on his more recent trips in Nepal into a remote area called Mustang.  Here Peter accompanied a group of historians, climbers, archeologists and anthropologists into hundreds of unexplored caves where they documented these ancient homes and discovered ancient Tibetan texts and even human remains.  If you were unable to hear Peter’s presentation you should check out the National Geographic film, “The Secrets of Shangri-La: Quest for Sacred Caves”, which documents these cave expeditions.

After the Common Hour, the Outing Club staff lured Peter back to the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center to learn more about his adventures and get him to sign our gigantic North Face poster featuring Peter Athans himself!  Check out our signed poster on the wall opposite the Gear Room!

Find your Everest and climb your sumit!
— Peter Athans

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