Outing Club
at the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center

Bike Mechanics Weekend

Story posted March 01, 2010

BOC Blog Staff writer: Claire Ellwanger

The BOC kicked off February with an intense weekend of bike building. Over the three-day period students worked in pairs to reconstruct completely disassembled bikes. Erik West, owner of The Bicycle Workshop in Bath, Maine, taught the course.

The reconstruction began with cleaning all the loose parts, and from this initial point the bikes were slowly re-assembled. The first full day consisted of installing ball bearings, gears, seats, and handle bars to get a functioning frame. Students also inflated tires and aligned and installed wheels. During the third and final day of the workshop these bike enthusiasts installed and aligned brakes, along with shifters and derailleurs.

Erik encouraged students to problem solve on their own, as every bike came with its own set of problems. In the end each pair successfully built their bike, which will be used in the yellow bike club. Participants left the course with knowledge comparable to that of entry-level bike mechanics, ready to participate in BOC bike clinics, and with some road smart biking tips from Erik.