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Welcome Back: Fall 2009 begins at the BOC!

Story posted September 16, 2009

BOC Blog Staff Writer: Ginger Leone

Welcome back to Bowdoin from the Outing Club!  BOC members were quick to take advantage of the sunshine last weekend, starting the year off right with a number of exciting trips.  

It was an epic weekend for paddling trips, sending six groups out on the water.  An expedition to the Rapid River on Saturday with a mixed group of kayaks, duckies, rafts, and canoes helped to alleviate whitewater withdrawal for some and was a chance to show off new skills for others.  It also a great opportunity to meet the new language TA's, who somehow managed to simultaneously paddle and make many of us wish we were still taking French.  A group of surfers went out to Popham for a fun-filled day at the beach.

Off the river, a daring bunch of hikers ventured out to Mahoosuc Notch.  They came back with some awesome pictures after conquering what’s often called “the hardest mile of the Appalachian Trail”.  Rounding out the day’s excitement was a bike trip, a new trip option that’s been getting rave reviews so far.  This weekend the bike crew had a lovely ride out to Cedar Beach in the amazing weather.

Sunday was another exciting day of paddling, with the volleyball team accompanying our raft guides and lots of other participants to the Dead River.  Even a few swims didn’t dampen the spirits of the group, who were happy to come back and share their experiences.  Two sea kayak trips explored the coast and Casco Bay area, and a group of canoers headed out to the Cadence River.  All proved to be great opportunities to meet some new faces and catch up with other BOC’ers about their summer adventures.

Upset you missed out?  You should be.  But never fear, there are trips going out each weekend, just stop by the BOC to check them out.  Wednesday afternoon road bikes and Thursday afternoon mountain bikes offer even more chances to get outside.  Sign up today!