Outing Club
at the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center

Ethan Wolston
Class of '09/BOC Co-President

Posted May 06, 2009

Hometown: Providence, RI
Major/Minor: History (US) Major
Leadership Training: Fall LT 2005
BOC classes taken: Winter Leaders Seminar, Mountaineering, Chain Saw/Forestry, Raft-Guide Training

What was your best LT experience?

Our skills-weekend trip to Mahoosuc Notch in October stands out. In addition to having fun with new friends I discovered what the Fall in Maine really looks like. I can remember excitedly looking down from the shoulder of Old-Speck over miles and miles of exploding orange, red, and yellow Maine hardwoods; and despite feeling exhausted from the vertical ascent that proceeded this vista, felt a profound sense of satisfaction and belonging. Since then I have gotten out into the White Mountains every fall for a similar trip.

What is your favorite BOC memory?

Raft-Guide Training, Fall 2006. First weekend of school we went up to the Kennebec and Dead Rivers for Saturday and Sunday releases, respectively. This was one of the most exciting BOC trips I had ever gone on. Little before I knew it, I found myself in the back of a raft below the massive Harris Power Station Dam, with Mike Woodruff directing me to move down river. We ran the gorge twice that day, hitting the class IV magic fall twice, and I will never forget the excitement and novelty of the whole thing. Saturday night was spent at a BOC senior's camp in Jackman and Sunday was taken up rafting the Dead--a highly technical and powerful river for novice raft-guides like myself. This was the formative white-water trip of my BOC experience, and would lead me to become fully engaged in the raft-guiding at program.

What is your favorite trip that you lead and why?

Sophomore Fall (2006) David Zonana, Lindsey Bruett, and I led an overnight canoe trip up to Flagstaff Lake with a bunch of friends and BOC members. Despite arriving at our put-in late in the afternoon we made it to an island campsite before dark. This campsite was perhaps the most beautiful spot I have ever camped in Maine. Our fire-pit and cooking area sat above a beautiful long sand-beech, with excellent views of setting sun. Despite some inclement weather and rain, this trip stands out as one of the most memorable. Sitting around the fire late into the night sharing stories and telling jokes, I may have laughed the hardest I ever laughed in college on the trip.

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