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at the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center

Fall LT Merritt Island Rodeo

Story posted October 27, 2009

BOC Blog Staff Writer: Leah Wang

In the thick of fall, when New England weather is horribly unpredictable (but sometimes in a good way), rain prevented many of the traditional LT rodeo events from happening. However, fall LTs 16 participants were happy to bike the 13 miles to our own Merritt Island and enjoy the BOCs finest meals (including breakfast sandwiches!), a roaring campfire, and leadership advice from Bree, Zander, and Mike. Three LT alumni showed to flex their knot-tying muscles, but could only do so well as to tie with the Crouching Seals team, consisting of Laura Armstrong, Annabel Boeke, Chris Kan, and yours truly. As the fall program comes to a close, the group looks forward to belaying you at the rock wall, leading your trips, and challenging other LT groups to battles of epic proportions.