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BOC Climbing Wall Opens in the New Buck Center

Story posted September 30, 2009

BOC Blog Staff Writer: Aviva Fiske

BOC Blog Staff Photographer: Champ Seritrakul

    Now that the new fitness center is up and running, Bowdoin students are having the chance to enjoy our new state-of-the-art climbing wall. It is three stories high with three top-rope routes as well as a bouldering area extending from the wall. The wall has been built to look very realistic with many natural features, and offers climbers a huge potential number of routes. Every afternoon and evening, a group of students known as the “wall monitors” help to check students in and ensure the safe and proper use of the wall. They also help to belay students new to climbing to give them the chance to try out the sport. Everyone is welcome to come by for open belay hours from 6-7pm Monday-Thursday to try out the wall, even if you have no prior climbing experience and no climbing partner. The wall monitors also teach an “Intro to Climbing” class Monday-Thursday from 7-8:30 pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for students new to climbing to learn the skills necessary to pass their belay test, and is also a good chance for students who have climbed before to brush up on their skills. Once students pass their belay test, they are free to climb the top-rope routes with a partner during open hours.
    Thus far, the new climbing wall has been very popular amongst both old and new climbers. We are all very excited to have such a wonderful facility right here on campus! It has opened up many new possibilities for people to learn about and improve their climbing. In the next few weeks, routes will be taped up on the wall to help increase the challenge level for experienced climbers and help guide new climbers. Everyone, of all experience levels (and even those afraid of heights!) are welcome and encouraged to come check out this awesome new rock wall!