Some trips you never forget...

John Simko's Memorable Experiences:

John was leading a group on a trip to the Smokey Mountains when their 16 passenger van broke down somewhere in rural Pennsylvania. Rather than scrap the trip, they had the auto shop get them a rental... and rode off into the mountains with two Lincoln Town Cars full of backpacking gear.

whitewater canoe
Skilled canoers navigating
a bit of Maine's whitewater.

During some particularly foul weather on a hike in the Saddleback Range, a trip-mate actually set her shoe on fire, melting it almost completely. John managed to stick most of her gear in his pack and then fashion her a boot out of duct tape so that she could hike the three miles back to the vans.

A trip up the Knife's Edge on Katahdin got a little hairy when the weather took a dangerous turn for the worse. John and his co-leaders got to show off their good judgement when they made the call to turn back; moments later, the Ridge Runners began sending the other groups home.

Eric Foushee's Memorable Experiences

Eric's most memorable BOC experience was his Pre-Orientation bike trip, a 4 night expedition with 8 other students and 2 upper-class leaders. They pedaled about 25-30 miles a day without too much gear on their backs, and ate really well... until their stove broke down. Raw delicacies included ice cold egg and cheese biscuits and "the worst pizza ever".

what a view
Acadia National Park 1989. "Phew, what a view!"

Anna van Huystee

Anna's most memorable experience happened not in Maine but in Georgia, where she led a biking trip from Savannah to Atlanta Georgia. In her first couple of biking experiences she was excited and no matter who she was with she had to be leading the pack. But as soon as she became a leader she was thrilled to have the responsibility. Her perspective on the group really changed, and she was scared now that she was responsible for her fellow students, and no longer was excited to lead the pack but took to the rear in order to keep track of her fellow students. She took being a leader very seriously.

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