Interviews with Alums of the 1980's

The 1980's were marked by big hair, bright make up and the Outing Club's increase in popularity. The 80's were a time when interest in the Outing Club soared and the program was strengthened by important players, such as our beloved Michael Woodruff. Given the importance of the Outing Club today in many of the lives of Bowdoin students, we thought it interesting to see the program's evolution; especially during the 1980's. Thus, we were able to find three enthusiastic alumni members of the Outing Club from the 1980's who were more than willing to share their personal experiences with us. Eric Foushee, class of 1990, John Simko, class of 1992, and Anna van Huystee, class of 1992 all shared their relationship to the Outing Club and their memorable experiences.

BOC Bike Trip
A group of happy bikers.

Eric Foushee

Eric Foushee is a graduate of Bowdoin in 1990 with a major in Government and a minor in Art History. Originally from Denver, Colorado, he decided to make his permanent home in the town of Brunswick with his wife and kids. Because of his fond memories of college and his solid relationship with Bowdoin, Eric went on to work as the Director of Annual Giving for Bowdoin College. Eric Foushee was a casual member of the Outing Club during his time as a student at Bowdoin. However, even with a casual relationship, the Outing Club helped to provide a means for Eric to hang out in the outdoors doing things he loved, such as biking.

BOC Hiking Trip
Club members hiking in Maine's beautiful fall.

John Simko

John Simko, originally from Piscataquis County, Maine now lives in Greenville, Maine working as the Town Manager. John Simko graduated Bowdoin in 1992 with a degree in Environmental Studies and Sociology. However, he believes that a more honest answer would be that he got his degree majoring in the Outing Club. Mr. Simko's involvement with the Outing Club first started in 1988 during his Pre-Orientation trip. After having such a positive experience, John Simko decided to take the Leadership Training Course as a sophomore. A bit different from today's programming, the Leadership Training Course of 1989 consisted of a once weekend trip and two days of solo backcountry medicine training. After the Leadership Training course, John went on to become "the keeper of the keys" for the BOC cabin, as well as the head of maintenance for the BOC section of the Appalachian Trail. During downtime between his responsibilities with the Outing Club, John spent his time hiking and leading biking trips.

BOC Leadership Trainees
Leadership Trainees hard at work.

Anna van Huystee

Anna van Huystee graduated with the class of 1992, having majored in German with a minor in French. Originally from Farmington, Massachusetts, she is now living with her family in Woburn, Massachusetts and working in pharmaceutical sales. Anna was responsible for revamping the leadership training program that the Outing Club offered. She was interested in giving leaders a more well-rounded training. Thus, instead of having an emphasis solely on safety skills Anna helped to introduce training in how to work with each other as leaders as well as managing group dynamics. Anna introduced role playing as a way to develop such leadership skills.