History of the BOC

Throughout its history the Bowdoin Outing Club has been a special part of the lives of hundreds of Bowdoin students. For decades it has offered students the opportunity to explore and connect with the nature that surrounds the campus. From humble beginnings the Outing Club has developed in the largest student organization of the Bowdoin campus and currently offers more opportunities than ever before to students.

meeting poster
Photo Courtesy of Bowdoin Archives.

This page is dedicated to tracing the history of the Bowdoin Outing Club from its beginnings as a small, unorganized, student run organization to the enormous school sponsored organization it is today. The information presented was compiled from a written survey sent to former members of the Outing Club and recorded interviews with prominent figures in the club's history.

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These pages about the Bowdoin Outing Club's history were created as part of a Service Learning Project in ES 203 - Environment, Culture and the Human Experience during the spring semesters of 2003, 2004, and 2005. Learn more about Service Learning at Bowdoin College.

Contributions were made by the following students:

  • Grace Cho '05
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  • Eliza Hutchinson '06
  • Sarah Laverty '03
  • Farley Mesko '08
  • Will Morris '05
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  • Michael Tillotson '08
  • Kari Twaite '06
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