Impact of the Outing Club on Life

John Simko

After a very positive BOC experience that helped him to appreciate the outdoors back in his home town, John has dedicated himself to bridging the gap between everyday life in his Greenville community and the spectacular local wilderness. In addition to being a town manager, he is a Wilderness EMT and a volunteer fire fighter. His BOC leadership experience helped him to develop valuable skills in "managing problems and managing people", solving problems on the fly, and "the ability to lead a group to safely accomplish a task with only your wits and few resources." All of these skills have been crucial in his current work.

According to John, he is still and Outing Club leader of sorts. His current activities include membership in the "4/48 Gang", which he co-founded. Every year, this group summits four local peaks in 48 hours; their record is a completion in 34 hours, which they pulled off on his 34th birthday.

Eric Foushee

According to Eric, the BOC was a great way to see Maine that gave him a deep appreciation for the Maine coast. He now goes camping with his family quite a bit, often hiking and walking on the coast. He owns a canoe and likes to go snowshoeing. Generally, his outdoor experiences are quite family-oriented.

Anna van Huystee

Anna said she wouldn't have known prior to the Outing Club how to take care of herself out in the woods, or recognize people in need and how she could help them while on trail. The BOC gave her more confidence being out in the woods. It also gave her opportunities to showcase Maine and to learn more about her home state. Even though she was from the area, Outing Club leadership helped her understand her own state and go to parts of Maine that she would not otherwise have known existed.