Funny Stories

Throughout the years at the Bowdoin outing club many memorable experiences have been had by the members. Many of these experiences seem like epic struggles against the forces of nature at the time but turn comical after your years at Bowdoin are over.

Poster for old BOC trip
Image Courtesy of Bowdoin Archives.

"Losing control of my freshman orientation trip! I was a senior, one of two leaders. On beautiful hiking trip we came upon a river with serious rapids. It was hot. One guy jumped in and was carried about 100 yards downstream. Despite my protests, half the group followed. Eventually I did too. It wasn't very responsible but we had a blast!"

Mark Voges

"Camping in Nov. in the White Mountains. It was 13 degrees in the daytime - way too cold for me."

Elizabeth Gilbert

"As a Pre-Orientation Canoe Trip leader in Fall, 1988, (long before cellular technology) we had to evacuate a young lady for suspected food poisoning. The second leader stayed with the group while I solo paddled her 4 miles out across Lobster Lake and downstream. I got the van, converted it to a jet, and covered about 30 miles of gravel logging roads in a blur. Found a pay phone, alerted the Pre-Orientation Coordinator, and finally met up with a van from campus which took her back, and brought me another leader/paddling partner (Nat Smith '90). We retraced the logging road labyrinth and re-launched at approx 4:00 p.m., needing to cover 10 miles to make up ground and catch the remainder of the group (insert Hawaii Five-O image here). As sun was sinking, we approached the island camp site to a roar of applause and back-slapping, and the rest of the trip came off without a hitch. Nat and I still remember it like it was yesterday."

Dave Meyer

"Winter camping at the cabin was funny when it got cold and then wet and all but 3 of us decided to sleep in the cabin and 3 of us slept in our tent. We didn't sleep much, but at least we got to lay claim to being the only hard-core campers. We were actually quite miserable, but there was no way we could go into the cabin in the middle of the night after all the bravado."

Michael van Huystee

"Often when members of the Bowdoin community are given the unique experiences that the Bowdoin outing club offers they grow closer to one another as they learn and experience the outdoors in Maine as well as outside its borders."

"Mt Katahdin-lots of good people and laughs. Nice to travel to remote part of Maine."


"Other than the freezing my butt off . . . Having a girl get in my sleeping bag because she was borderline hypothermic. It didn't work out."

Mark Jeong

Most of all within the Bowdoin College Outing Club experience people learn to deal with situations as they are presented with them. Many of these situations occur out of mishap and chance creating memories that Bowdoin Outing Club Alums will remember forever. These great memories make great stories."

"My most adventurous trip was definitely sliding half-way down Tuckerman's Ravine on Mt. Washington after losing my footing! Thank God for 5 feet of fresh powder."

Geoff Flint

"There were many -- being snowed in the Smokies during a spring snowstorm; learning to whitewater canoe on the Allagash during spring run-on; being pulled over for speeding at 2 a.m. in Braintree, Massachusetts, on an all-night drive from Virginia to Maine."

Diane Fallon

"This wasn't BOC sanctioned, but I was involved in a epic attempt to summit Hubbard Hall in the spring of '93."

Michael Tiska

"My first trip we tried to go to Katahdin, but our van broke down along the way. We ended up spending the night at one of those roadside campgrounds where most of the people were in RVs, there was a heated pool, vending machines and showers. We go there after dark and once we settled in, we started seeing these white things race through the darkness around our tents. It turned out the place had a herd of white rabbits the let roam around the campground. It was pretty bizarre."

Peter Johnston

BOC Historical photo
BOC canoers tyring not to spill on some of Maine's challenging whitewater, fall 1990.
Image Courtesy of Bowdoin Archives.