Past Interns

Tara Palnitkar '16

Intern 2014

Elina Zhang '16

Intern 2014

Delgar Erdenesanaa '15

Intern 2013

Clare Stansberry '14

Intern 2013

Matt Liewant '14;

Intern 2012

Matthew was a member of the Class of 2014, studying primarily Government and Math. Hailing from New York City, he fell in love with farming and the outdoors in general as a young boy helping out on his camp’s farm in Windsor, NH. Since then he has WWOOFed in New Zealand. He is excited to have the opportunity to work on the BOG this summer to keep up his affection for the outdoors and for farming. When not farming, eating, and sleeping, he loves playing Ultimate Frisbee, biking around town, working in the theater as a stagehand, and hanging out with friends.

Peter Rosencrans '14

Intern 2012

Peter was a member of the Class of 2014 from Ridgefield, CT. A psychology major, Peter became interested in organic agriculture in 2009 with a job at The Hickories, an organic farm in Ridgefield. After three consecutive summers at The Hickories and a freshman year Alternative Spring Break (AASB) trip to Puerto Rico, Peter comes to the BOG eager to become involved in Bowdoin’s organic gardening activities and to experience a Maine summer. Apart from farming, Peter enjoys hockey, snowboarding and skimboarding.

Alex Thompson '13
Intern 2011

The BOG's 2011 intern was Alex Thompson, from Freeport, Maine. He loves to fish, build things and squash bugs! He was a tremendous help and a humorous, useful adition to the BOG. Alex is an active leader for the Outing Club, enjoys surfing and working in the Outing Club kitchen.

Seth Kelley '10

Intern 2010

Spencer Neitmann,'11Neitmann
Intern 2009

My time in Bowdoin's gardens this summer was meaningful, inspirational, and enjoyable--the essence of time well spent. The chance to see crops grow from seed to enjoyment by my peers was great. Growing food by hand is the realest thing I know, and doing so provided some context for a more academic study of sustainable agriculture. I'm a junior biology and environmental studies major, and my work this summer helped solidify aspirations in organic farming.

Steven Kolberg, ‘09Kolberg
Intern 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed my summer working in the garden. The previous summer I had worked in an office and the chance to get outside for a summer in Maine was too hard to resist. My interest in organic agriculture was started while on a Alternative Spring Break trip to Puerto Rico working on sustainable agriculture and community development during my sophomore year, and the internship at the garden seemed like an excellent way to experience and learn more. Working outside everyday, and watching the dramatic changes in the garden throughout the season made for a very fun and extremely rewarding summer. Without a doubt working in the garden was by far the best summer job I have ever had.

I am currently a senior and will be graduating shortly with a major in environmental studies and government, and a minor in biology. Much to the chagrin of my parents I currently have no idea as to what I will be doing post graduation, perhaps I'll start an organic winery to complement Andy's cheese.

King Andy King, '08
Intern 2006 and 2007

I applied to work in the garden for three reasons: I was interested in learning about growing organic food and I thought the only way to learn was to do; I wanted to live in Maine for the summer; I wanted to do work that required being outside and getting my hands dirty. All of my desires were fulfilled. It was fantastic and became an important part of my Bowdoin experience. I hope that the garden continues to get bigger in the coming years. Right now I work on a lobster boat as a sternman. I've worked from June-November and will stop in December. It is such a different experience than working in the garden but is still very much a Maine experience, and still very much outside (obviously). I don't know what is next for me — maybe making cheese?