Agricultural Courses

Bowdoin does not currently offer any coursework in agriculture or farming. They do however offer a number of course that afford students the opportunity to explore various aspects of farming. Those courses are listed below. In lieu of actual coursework, students are encouraged to come to the farm to learn first hand how their food grows, how to run a small farm, all about different heirloom and uncommon varieties of vegetables, and anything else farming related that they may want to know!

Example Courses

Bio210 — Plant Physiology
ES056 — Ecology and Society
ES215 — Behavioral Ecology and Population Biology
ES375 — Feeding the World: The Nature and Challenges of our Food and Agricultural Systems
Econ318 — Environmental and Resources Economics
Chem205 — Environmental Chemistry
ES079 — Agriculture, Ancient and Modern
ES100 — Environmental Geology and Hydrology
ES256 — Environment and Society in Latin America