Bowdoin Organic Garden

Seasoned Garden Veterans

Story posted August 18, 2014

Our young heroines experience the icky and the sublime.

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First Impressions from New Garden Interns

Story posted June 12, 2014

New experiences pile up for garden interns, Tara and Elina, as they shrug off their student personas and get dirty. 

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Maple Meek 2014

Story posted March 31, 2014

The Bowdoin Organic Garden season begins with the tapping of campus trees.  This year, Mother Nature's feeling pretty stingy.

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Bowdoin Polar Chef-2014

Story posted March 12, 2014

The competition was fierce at Thorne Dining Hall.  Which team would win the silver spatula?

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Mushrooms, Millstones and Planting Seeds

Story posted February 25, 2014

Bowdoin Dining Service continues the annual tradition of breaking bread with interesting local agriculture entrepreneurs.

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Harvest Dinner

Story posted November 07, 2013

What happens at Bowdoin during the summer?  Probably not what you would expect.

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