Bowdoin Organic Garden

Maple Meek 2014

Story posted March 31, 2014

It's that time of year again.  But it isn't.  The extra cold temperatures have delayed the maple syrup season, which will be unusually short this year.  Last year, the maple season ran 6 weeks, a very good year.  This year it will run about 3 weeks (if we're lucky), cutting production for much of the state of Maine.  The BOG tapped 20 trees and our syrup will be available during Family Weekend.  We will also have a maple tasting on ice cream on Wednesday, April 2, at the Locavore Dinner in Thorne Dining Hall.

The BOG is starting seedlings this week in hope that it will thaw at some point.  Seedlings are often started a couple of weeks earlier than now, but no need to rush them when it's cold.  We are planning gardens at the new 52 Harpswell Road property where we will have a 1/3 acre garden with a barn.  We are amending the new garden, which needs a lot of added fertility to its sandy soils.  This includes adding compost, horse manure, lime, rock phosphate and other trace minerals for a balanced growing medium.  For now, our greenhouse space is in Druckenmiller Hall and is limited, but we will have seedling volunteer days in late April as well as a plant giveaway in May.

"It's that time of year again.  But it isn't."