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First Impressions from New Garden Interns

Story posted June 12, 2014

When Michele and Sara first interviewed us, they talked about how summer interns emerge out of all the soil and compost transformed--so cue transformed.  In these past two weeks we can already see our skin getting darker, hands getting calloused, and our faces becoming raw from black fly and mosquito bites.  Tara is beginning to flaunt her watch tan.

More magical has been the transformation of the garden.  Thanks to an unforgivingly long winter and a belated spring, we only today caught up with our planting season.  First we put in rows of flowers (zinnias, marigolds, sunflowers) at the South Street plot and the new garden behind 52 Harpswell, which with any luck, will bloom in a few weeks.  We then transplanted a variety of vegetables--tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, onions, scallions, several varieties of lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts--at the Pleasant Hill plot, once the clay soil had dried up from all the rain.  Sara and Mike also worked on broadcasting crops like corn and soy.

Just a few days ago, the two of us were weeding together in Pleasant Hill, then both paused to look out at the pastures and fields surrounding us.  Our supposed summer "office" means open blue skies as our walls and clayed soils as our desk; could we ask for any better summer?  We proceeded to gawk at the underside of the amaranth leaves and their lovely fuchsia color.

We have enjoyed beautiful weather so far--sunny but breezy days interspersed with a few days of rain to keep our plants happy--and hope that summer continues to be this nice.  We are looking forward to enjoying, quite literally, the fruits of our labor come harvest time.  We have been able to harvest some arugula and radishes (some of the biggest radishes Sara has ever grown!) and have taken home small samplings of kale and asparagus, which we have been experimenting with in our cooking.

It should be a great summer, with plenty of opportunities to get involved wth the BOG, so keep a lookout for updates!

~Tara and Elina, BOG Interns Summer 2014

"Our supposed summer "office" means open blue skies as our walls and clayed soils as our desk; could we ask for any better summer?"

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