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May 30, 2013 Garden Blog

Story posted June 13, 2013

The sun is out again and we're gearing up for some warm-even hot!-weather at the garden.  The past week has been cool and rainy, which the plants don't seem to mind but has been keeping us out of our plot at the Crystal Spring Farm on Pleasant Hill Road to avoid some soggy clay-rich mud.  But we haven't been idle while waiting for the rain to go away.  Last week we got a lot of seeding done and even built a picnic table for the Pleasant Hill plot.

Finally, we had a beautiful Tuesday with sun and dry enough ground to let us get planting done.  All of us--Sara, Mike, Clare and Delger are now here for the summer so we are able to get a lot done together.  We planted zinnias, marigolds, amaranth, and cosmos (all flowers) in the South Street garden.  They already look beautiful.  In the afternoon, we headed out to do some serious bed prepping at Pleasant Hill Road.  The asparagus was running wild, so we harvested some of that, too.  Then we planted some transplant rhubarb and seeded some different varieties of lettuce.  The greens are coming up wonderfully.  Wednesday was rainy, but the interns made it out to Crystal Spring Farm to check on the trays and trays of beets, flowers, basil, and pumpkins.  Most everything is sprouting and looking healthy.

Today, we did some work with the Bowdoin Children's Center, looking at their new garden and giving the wee ones a look at the South Street plot!  The preschoolers first took us to see their own garden, which was filled with strawberries, cucumbers, watermelon, pole beans, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, and squash.  The plants all looked great, and the kids were very proud of what they had planted.  Then we took them over to our plot, where they sampled the spinach.  One girl declared that it tasted like ketchup, and another asked if she could take her spinach leaf home to show her mother, who would be "so happy".  Next we will do some work at Pleasant Hill Rd. now that the sun is out again.  It looks like the season is off to a great start!

"It looks like the season is off to a great start!"

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