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Bowdoin Organic Garden

Harvest Dinner

Story posted November 07, 2013

Summer at a college like Bowdoin is a strange and wondrous time.  Expectations are turned on their heads.  The campus is quiet, almost deserted.  It's lush and green.  The people walking between buildings are conservatively dressed.  Classical music can be heard from the open dorm windows.

The students who stay on campus mostly toil quietly in individual offices, answering phones, doing research, and enjoying those perfect Maine summer days.  This year, as summer drew to a close, the Bowdoin organic gardeners decided to organize a work party for students.  Volunteer an hour of weeding and harvesting in the Pleasant Hill garden and then enjoy an al fresco dinner in the shade at the South Street plot.  It was a great success and provided an opportunity to commune with nature and get a little dirty with friends.  The pizza wasn't bad either.

Watch the video here.