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Drip, Drip, Drip

Story posted March 08, 2012

This is not your leaky faucet kind of drip. Nothing here needs to be tightened or fixed. This is the most satisfying kind of sound you can imagine: maple sap spilling from the spout into a steel bucket. It's wonderful!

Today we tapped 28 trees around the periphery of campus (the giant maples on the quad are off-limits) near Quinby House and the Schwartz Outdoor Leadership Center and now we're waiting for those drips to add up to something delicious.  Students will spend the next couple of weeks collecting sap and storing it in a fridge until boiling time arrives. This season has been unusually warm, and the sap started to flow early on, so we are interested to see how much sap the trees have yet to give. 

The fourth Sunday in March (March 25th this year) is Maine Maple Sunday and we plan to celebrate with some delicious Bowdoin maple syrup over pancakes outside Ladd House, where we will be boiling over the next few weeks. Students and community members are welcome to come join us for the boil and some sweet treats.

Also on tap this week is allium seeding; all the onions, leeks and shallots are getting started along with slow-growing celery and celeriac, with a cascade of other seeding projects to come. The slow reflective pace of winter months is drawing to a close and we are using this time to plan our season and search for a solution to our lack of heated greenhouse space. This is the time of year for new ideas to grow and for creative thoughts to become concrete plans.

"This is the most satisfying sound you can imagine: maple sap spilling from the spout into a steel bucket."

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