Bowdoin Organic Garden

Mid-Summer Update

Story posted August 08, 2012

It's been almost a month and a half since our last blog post and lots of new and exciting crops have been popping up in the BOG!  After a very wet June, we had a much drier July and we began to appreciate our slow-drying Buxton clay soil on Pleasant Hill.  We've been bringing in big harvests to Thorne Hall twice a week, sometimes so much we can't believe the chefs are able to keep up with us.  They always find creative uses for our produce though, so definitely check out the salad bar each time you're in Thorne dining hall.

Lately we've been bringing in summer squash, cucumbers, beets, chard, basil, kale and peppers, among others.  And as usual, we have a steady flow of herbs, mustard and lettuce greens coming in each week.  Last week we dug up our garlic and laid it out to dry for a couple of weeks in the greenhouse.  Tomato, potato and onion harvests are on the horizon, too.  Much to our dismay, there have been reports of late blight hitting farms in Maine.  Late blight can wipe out a crop in 1-2 weeks and spreads quickly in wet weather.  Although we haven't found any conclusive evidence of late blight on our plants, we've thrown out several preemptively to prevent it from spreading.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that our tomato crop will make it to harvest time!

Apart from working in the fields, we've been honing our carpentry and videography skills, building saw horses for Seth at Crystal Springs Farm, constructing a bicycle rack for the Brunswick Community Gardens, and making a couple of short videos about the Thorne bakeshop and meat shop.  We also hosted a luncheon in the South Street garden this Wednesday with bakeshop cookies, BOG mint-infused iced tea and lemonade, and take-home portions of fresh BOG herbs!  A new water filtration and dispensary system, Zip 2 Water, was also on display.  We had a good turnout of Bowdoin staff, faculty and a few students, and everyone enjoyed a pleasant afternoon with a great view of our beautiful sunflowers and zinnias.

"Late blight can wipe out a crop in 1-2 weeks and spreads quickly in wet weather."

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